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I can teach you to squirt!

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Yes, it's true, I could teach you to squirt, and I might. But I would rather focus on your Pleasure.

Merriam-Webster's Dictionary defines Pleasure as:

DESIRE, INCLINATION wait upon his pleasure— William Shakespeare

2: a state of gratification

3a: sensual gratification b: frivolous amusement

4: a source of delight or joy

At best, squirting could be considered Pleasure as indicated by example 3b: frivolous amusement, and it's not where most of us need to begin. I've been asked "How can I squirt?" several times, and my initial response is always... "why?" Typically, the answer I am given has something to do with unrealistic expectations related to performance, not Pleasure. Hearing this response gives me the opportunity to give my soap box stance about the importance of creating a Pleasure filled experience, not a performance filled one. By performance, I mean that it's not rooted in focusing on enjoying a somatic experience. I can perform with the best, and I can teach you to perform too. Too often, sex and sensuality are steeped in performance without enough thought given to how we truly feel. Why are we performance focused? The answer to that, is a multi-layered, multi-systemic response, often rooted in erotophobia. Let’s start there. To increase our ability to experience sensual Pleasure we can start by taking a closer look at how erotophobia has shaped our perspective. Doing this, helps us navigate uncharted waters, start at the beginning and identify barriers.

It is essential to define our turn ons and turn offs. We must turn within to align our thoughts with our behavior. We can only experience true Pleasure if we are in intellectual, emotional and physical alignment. When I began the process of becoming a Sexuality Educator, I was not sure what my focus would be. Quickly, I knew that my focus would not be on partnered play, nor would it be teaching women how to please their partners. I am determined to teach women to enjoy themselves. My mom used to tell me " You can't give something away you don't have." The same is true for self-love, sensuality, and Pleasure. Until you can consistently give yourself Pleasure, you cannot effectively shift your attention to a lover.

If I choose to teach you to squirt, it will be for YOUR Pleasure, not that of another. Let me take you on a Pleasure filled journey by teaching you to stop and truly soak up the excitement in your life. Although, I tend to focus on solo sensual Pleasure, we must seek Pleasure in ALL things. Pleasure can be found in travel, music, dance, food, decorating, skiing, skateboarding, shopping, scrolling through Instagram or Facebook, being with friends and/or lovers. It can be anything that gives you a sense of joy. Pleasure is created by our world view. How is erotophobia clouding yours? Erotophobia is a barrier. It is pervasive in our culture. It shows up in our lives in ways we don't often expect. It's in our music, on our tv and is plastered across all social media platforms. At this point, you may be asking yourself, "what can I do about this?" Let's work together to identify your individual needs.

During your Fire Starter consultation, I will help you identify the erotophobia in your life. The goal is to help you increase self-love, improve self-esteem, and to push you to the zenith of sexual liberation. Getting better at loving you, will improve your ability to love another. Falling in love with, and learning to make love to yourself, is a game changer in ways that squirting will never be. I will be your biggest cheerleader. We will acknowledge your past, assess your present, and map out your future attitudes toward sensual Pleasure.

Teaching you to squirt does not Normalize Pleasure. Let's start your journey. Let me help you on your path to sexual evolution. Allow me to help you to seek Pleasure in all things. Let's get together to do the work, and maybe, just maybe, I’ll teach you to squirt.

Pleasure as a journey, let me be your guide. Tap the Services tab and sign up for your FREE Fire Starter Consultation. I hope to see you soon!

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