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Your hand brushes against my body.

The smell of rain was heavy. The lightening violently invaded our room, and as I wait for thunder, I instinctually start counting. One one thousand, two two thousand, three…. BOOM! There’s nothing like the pregnant pause between thunder and lightning. As the fan oscillates in the corner, I feel my nipple harden as is grazes the edge of my pillow. Sleep can come later. You roll over to face me.

Your hand brushes against my body. Fingertips rhythmically explore my curves, peaks and valleys. You stop to give extra attention to the parts you appreciate the most. “This, this part, I loooove this part” you whisper in my ear. I quiver with anticipation. My body relaxes and your grip tightens.

Tongues engaged, I chase yours, you follow, I suck, you give more, I retreat, you pull me closer. My heart is racing. Your breath is heavy. Skin to skin, we move in concert. Slowly kissing my inner thigh, I feel the tips of your fingers massage my inner and outer labia. I rock my hips to meet your fingertips. Kissing turns to tasting as your tongue begins to…

I started writing erotic stories in high school. At first, I kept them to myself. Some of my earlier stories seemed too big or wrong. To be clear, I did not have shame about my imagination. The thoughts were beautiful and damn right HOT. They were a combination of my imaginings and the imaginations of those around me. I was not afraid nor shamed of the thoughts. The shame came from writing them down. Putting my thoughts in writing made them feel real. Writing my stories meant that I owned them. Once I embraced the pleasure they gave me, they became a source of liberation. I want to share that liberation with you.

I am excited to introduce our newest course, Pleasure Prose. In this course, you and up to 10 of your closest friends will create an erotic story. This course is a fun way for you to explore your creativity and is an easy way for couples to create mutual fantasies.

Let me help you find Pleasure through Prose.

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